Get Started

Getting Started

This section highlights some simple instructions to help you get started using Optily. Learn about the different connection options and how to manage the connection of your sites before you kick off the optimization process.

Optily is a product from the Flowbase team.
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1. Connection Options

Connecting to Optily is super simple. You can choose to connect directly with your Webflow account, or via an API key that you can generate from any of your Webflow projects.

You can disconnect and revoke access to Optily at anytime.

OAuth Connection (Recommended)

Our OAuth connection allows you to connect directly with Webflow and select any of the sites associated with your account. With this method you can easily connect any and multiple of your projects at once.

API Connection

Our API connection allows you to connect directly to a single website via the API key. You can generate an API key from any project via your Webflow project settings (integrations tab).

How to find your API Key:

2. Get Started

To get started, select your project from the application. If you have not connected a site, you can do so by clicking 'Manage your sites'.

3. Manage your sites

Set a name for you connection that makes it easy to remember. For example, if you are connecting 5 sites for your agency, maybe call this connection 'Our Agency Sites'.

If you choose to use the API connect, you can connect one site directly.

Once you've named it, click 'Authorize' to get started connecting.

4. Select your Site

You should now see that you have some connected sites, click the select toggle to choose one of your connections. From here you can choose the site you want to optimize. You can always add new sites via the 'Manage your sites' link below the selector.

4. Select Optimization Type & Images

Select the type of optimization task, you can learn more about these here. In general, you can choose to optimize your images, or convert them to WebP with built-in optimization.

5. Track the Task & Progress

Once you start the task, you can easily track and monitor its progress via the task page.