Webflow Image Optimization

Optimize your Webflow images automatically.

Save hours of manual work and optimize your webflow images without quality loss. We can optimize both collections and page images for a faster site!

Up to 80% JPG & PNG reduction
Automatic & super easy
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Connect your webflow
site, and optimize automatically.

Using our cloud based tool you can automatically optimize your webflow images with complete ease. No more saving the images one-by-one only to optimize, download and reupload. Now you can automate this for every website.

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Improve your SEO / UX

Improve SEO and UX
without quality loss to your images.

Reduce the data size of your images by up to 80% and without quality loss. We partner with the TinyPNG API - the world leading solution for image optimization. Lighter images help your sites load faster and score better overall.

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Automatic Optimization

Key features to boost your webflow sites.

Automatically compress and optimize your Webflow images, saving hours and boosting your sites potential.

Up to 80% size reduction on images

Using Optily you could reduce your image sizes by up to 80% while maintaining their high quality. This helps you pages load faster and your rankings go up.

Optimize  images automatically

Just connect your webflow site and automatically optimize and publish your CMS items. We can also provide a full zip of your static page images. So easy.

See how much data we saved

Once we've finished optimizing your site we will tell you exactly how much data we saved. We partner with the TinyPNG api to deliver the best results possible.

Save hours across multiple projects

Optimizing images is usually a very slow process, especially once they've been added into your webflow site. We can help automate this process time and time again, saving you hours of shi*ty work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the common questions related to the tool.

What does this tool do?

Optily connects to your webflow sites, and provides an incredibly easy way to optimize your webflow images. Optimizing your images can reduce their size by up to 80% and without quality loss, providing significant benefits for your SEO and UX. Unless proactively completed prior to development, this can be a very manual process that requires webflow users to save images, run batch optimizing, download images, and replace them on each item. Trust us, it's not a fun task and it's important it's done properly. We partner with the leading image optimization team at TinyPNG to deliver great results with ease.

a) Collection images

Images located inside your Collection Lists (CMS) (eg. Blogs, Teams, Listings, Case Studies etc) will be automatically optimized and published upon completion. Please note we only optimize images that are published and a supported format.

b) Static / Page images

Images located on your pages can be collected and provided to you via a .zip download. Unfortunately due to API restrictions we cannot automatically re-upload these items, however the zip can be uploaded into your assets and you then just need to replace these items. Please ensure you have a sitemap enabled on your webflow site as we use this to ensure we collect all your images.

What if I don't like the results? Can I backup before?

We believe you will notice no difference between the quality of images before and after optimization. The service uses smart technology to only optimize without detriment to the image.

Please note however - You are responsible for ensuring the integrity of your files, there is no warranty included with this service. You should ensure you have proper backups before using the service. Webflow offers incredibly robust backup service, and you can force save and learn more about this here

Under NO circumstances will Optily be liable to you for any cost arising from your use of the service.

How do I connect my website and start the process?

Once you have created an account, you simply need to Generate an API token from your Webflow Project Settings. We will use this key to capture your images, optimize them and replace. Please ensure you have published your website as we will only optimize images that are published. If you are optimizing your page images, please ensure you have enabled a sitemap.xml from your project settings.

How much does it cost?

Optily starts at $29.99 giving you 2,000 image credits.
This should provide enough credits to optimize a handful of sites, and save you hours of work.

For power users, we offer 15,000 credits for $99.99. This should keep you covered for a while!

👉 We may offer discounts to students or those living in countries with a struggling dollar. Just contact us :)
👉 If you're a maker with over 1,000 followers on a platform, we will provide credits for a small shoutout

How long does it take? Can I close the tab?

It's very possible that some of your images are large, or that you have a significant amount of images. Small business sites on average take between 5-20 minutes, where as very large sites could take much longer. 

Once you start the process we will run the operation in the background. You don't need the tab open, or your computer even on for that matter. We will run the process in the background and you will be able to see the modified date updated as we process images. You can also continue working on your website while the process is in operation.

What are the results like?

Results vary on the images individually, but optily can provide up to 80% size reduction without quality loss.

See some examples we compiled here

We believe you will notice no difference between the image quality before and after optimization. We use tinyPNG API which is the leading platform for this type of image optimization. Plus - you can always save a backup prior to optimization if you have concerns

Can I optimize all my images? What are the limitations?

Yes, we provide optimization for both your collection (CMS) and page images (added in designer).

Please note supported collection images will be automatically optimized, replaced and republished as we process your site. For page images, we will provide you with a downloadable zip that contains all your optimized page images. You can access this from the task history after site process is complete.

Please note that we will only optimimize published images, and supported file types PNG, JPG/JPEG image files.

Supported Image Fields:

1. Image Fields (Collections)
2. Gallery Fields (Collections)
3. Ecommerce Images Fields (Collections)
4. Image Component (Pages)

Coming Soon:

1. Rich Text Images (Coming Soon)