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Optily is a product from the Flowbase team.
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What is Optily?

Optily is a Webflow CMS Image Optimization Tool.

Optily connects to your Webflow sites and provides an incredibly easy way to automically optimize your Webflow CMS images without quality loss. Optily looks at your CMS image fields, and processes them before returning them back to your project.

Optily partners with TinyPNG, which is the leading solution, used by millions to reduce image size without loss of quality. If you want to test the kind of results you can expect, you can try TinyPNG for free at their website.

Our goal with Optily is to save you hours of work, by automatically optimizing your images without the need for you to individually save images, upload to an optimizer, download, reupload etc. As a studio and product team, we know that this is a painful process and we know it needs to be done properly.

Images located inside your collections (CMS) (eg. blogs, teams, listings, case studies etc.) will be automatically optimized and re-published. Before you process, we will provide an estimated amount of images, based on your total image fields. All items will be republished and you will notice the modification date will update to the time that the image was processed. Please note that we will skip items that are set to draft, or archived.

Estimated Image Count

Once you connect a project, we will provide you with an estimate image count to help you get an idea of how many credits might be used during the process. Please know that this is only an estimate and may not reflect your actual credit usage once we process images.

This is because our count is based on image fields, and sometimes you might have a non-supported image type, an empty image field, an item that is archived and so on.

So, in most cases the estimate is very close, and usually you'll actually use less credits that the estimate we provde you! Just to give a bit more context on this, for example, if your blog collection has 50 posts, and each post has 2 image fields - we would estimate 100 images.

The following may be reasons for a lower or higher final credit usage:

- Some image fields may be left empty
- Some images aren't a supported format
- Some images are in drafts or archived (not published)
- Gallery Images vary, our estimate counts gallery images as 1, when it could be up to 20 images.

Getting Started Guide

Using Optily is so easy, you don't need to know anything and this guide is here just incase you want some extra details on getting started.

1. Create your Optily Account

Create your account via our app -

2. Publish & Backup Your Webflow Website

Publish your Website, and save a backup.

3. View your Project Settings

Navigate to your project settings from the top left of the Webflow designer.

4. Navigate to your Integrations Tab & Grab your API key.

Access the intergrations tab and generate an API key.

5.Add your API token and select your Website

Add your API token and select your Website from the dropdown.

6.Wait for Estimate & Start Process

Wait a few moments while we scan your site and estimate your images.