Webflow Image Optimization

Optimize your Webflow images automatically.

Save hours of manual work and optimize your Webflow CMS images without quality loss. Powered by TinyPNG and automated for you.

Up to 80% JPG/JPEG & PNG data reduction
Optional convert to WebP features (Coming Soon)
Smart optimization with zero quality loss
Start Optimizing Sites

Supercharge your Webflow sites through data reduction.

Automatically compress and optimize your Webflow CMS images, saving you hours and boosting your sites potential. We connect with the most popular optimization API to provide world-class results each and every time.

Improve YOUR UX

Improve page load speeds without quality loss to your images.

Reduce the data size of your images by up to 80% and without quality loss. Choose which images you want to optimize and let us automatically apply the perfect optimization, helping your sites load faster and score better.

Boost your Webflow sites today!

Faster sites achieve more and keep users happy. Small fee for a big win! ✨
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Automatic Optimization

Learn about our key features to boost your Webflow sites.

Learn about some key features related to our product. If we missed anything please reach out to our team.

Up to 80% Data Reduction

Using Optily you could reduce your image data sizes by up to 80% while maintaining their high quality. This helps your pages load faster!

Keep your Image Quality

Optily image optimization uses smart lossy compression that not only reduces the file size, but maintains the quality of your images.

Convert File Types

Using Optily you can also automatically convert the format of your JPG & PNG images to WebP, a popular modern image format.

Advanced Fields (eg. Rich Text Images)

Optily can optimize all your CMS images, that includes all image fields, all images inside your rich text fields, gallery images, ecommerce images and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the common questions related to our tool.

What does the Optily tool do?

Optily connects to your Webflow sites providing you a seamless way to optimize your Webflow CMS images without quality-loss and completely automatically.

We partner with the world's most popular optimization software to deliver world-class results for all of your images.

Why use Optily?

Optily is built using world-class technology and a partnership with the world's most popular optimization tools & APIs.

That means our optimization API is used by businesses such as Amazon, Walmart, Samsung, Airbnb and many others to deliver world-class results without impact to the quality of your images.

While other platforms might provide free batched optimization of varying quality, Optily provides the best results, completely automatically and in harmony with your Webflow CMS.

What if I don't like the results? Can I backup before?

We believe you will notice no difference between the quality of images before and after optimization. Our API uses smart lossless technology to ensure quality is retained for all images.

But, as web designers & developers, we 100% understand how important image quality is and we also know you have the sharpest eyes for it. So, you can of course back up and restore with just the click of a button.

We also put together a page to show some images before & after. https://www.optily.co/examples

Note: Our team always suggests a simple backup before using Optily. This can be stored in seconds, and just incase you don't love the results you have a handy restore point to unwind time.

If you want some help with this or have any questions, please just contact our friendly team.

How do I connect? And can I disconnect?

Once you have created an account, you can connect via Webflow Authentication (OAuth) or you can Generate an API token from your Webflow Project Settings. Please ensure you have published your website.

You can disconnect your sites at anytime without any impact at all. You can also revoke all access from your Webflow dashboard.

How much does it cost?

Optily is a premium service, and is driven by paid APIs to always provide a high quality service. We endevour to keep our prices affordable by offer one-time purchases that can actually save you hours of work and have a foundational improvement to your pages.

Optily starts at $29.99 giving you 1,000 image credits.

In most cases, 1,000 credits will support you optimizing a few websites.

For power users, we offer 5,000 credits for $49.99. This is great value for those who plan to stick it out with Webflow and will be building large sites and serving many clients etc.

How long does it take? Can I close the tab?

Well... it depends, but in general we will aim to update about 60 images per minute. We will also email you once the process is finished, so relax, make a cup of tea and let us take care of it.

Once you start the process we will run the operation in the background. You keep track of the task, or simply close it and let us email you with the results once its finished.

What are the results like?

We believe our service provides the best possible optimization available to the market. We actively ensure our product is built with premium APIs so that we can deliver a one-stop solution for image optimization.

Can I optimize all my images? What are the limitations?

Optily will optimize only your CMS images - e.g. blog images, ecommerce product images, team images, case studies etc.

CMS fields we support:

1. CMS Image Fields
2. CMS Gallery Field
3. CMS Rich Text Fields
4. Ecommerce Images & Variants